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Rental GPS Surveying Equipment

Featuring Trimble Navigation, Topcon Total Stations,
 McLaughlin Verifier Locator

The most powerful surveying solutions available in the market today!  Competitive rental pricing! Learn more about McLaughlin Verifer Locator, Topcon GTS235W, GTS245NW Totals Stations, Sokkia CX105, Trimble R10 GNSS, R8 GNSS, R7, R6 and R3 receivers.





  • R10 GNSS
    Trimble R10 GNSS

    Trimble R10 GNSS


    • A cutting edge Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine
    • Trimble SurePoint™ for precise position capture, even with pole tilt off by 15 from plumb, and with 100% data traceability
    • Trimble 360 for advanced satellite tracking of existing and planned  GNSS constellations and augmentation systems - 440 GNSS channels
    • Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX™ for RTK level precision anywhere without the need for base station or VRS network
    • Trimble xFill™ for RTK coverage even during connection outages
    • Trimble Access field software and Business Center office software and technologies
    • Pair with Trimble TSC3 or rugged Trimble Tablet controller for the most powerful solution on the market.
  • R8 GNSS
  • TDL 450H
  • TDL 450L
  • TSC3 Controller
  • Trimble Tablet
  • Trimble M3
  • Trimble V10
  • GeoExplorer 6000 Series
  • Pro XRT
  • Trimble S6
  • Sokkia CX 105
  • Topcon GTS235W
  • Topcon GTS245NW
  • McLaughlin Verifier
  • Trimble R1
  • Geo 7X
  • Spar 300
  • FARO Focus 3D x330
  • Schonstedt GA-52CX

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