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At AGS, we strive to keep up with the latest trends in GPS technology by providing solutions from powerful names in the industry. Land survey equipment from Topcon, Sokkia, Trimble, Spectra Geospatial, and MORE are available at AGS at competitive prices. We know what surveyors need to help them get through their daily grind. With various models of GNSS, GPS Systems, GPS tracking devices, data collectors, and other instruments available, we are certain we will have what you need to get your work done efficiently.

Topcon Positioning Systems | Ags

Shop All Topcon Equipment

Topcon offers the latest technology and most-effective tools for all of your surveying needs. Shop the latest available from Topcon.


Sokkia Equipment | Ags | Gps Survey Equipment | Sokkia Authorized Dealer

Shop All Sokkia Equipment

Sokkia offers capable equipment for any budget. Shop our lineup of equipment from Sokkia – a brand trusted for over 100 years.


Topcon Gt-1200 Series Robotic Total Station | Gt-1203 Robot

Total Stations

Total Stations from Topcon, Sokkia, and MORE. At AGS, we understand the needs of surveyors. We offer mechanical and robotic total stations of varying levels of accuracy to make sure you get the right tool for the job.


Sokkia Shc6000 Data Collector | Field Controller

Data Collectors – Topcon, Sokkia, & More

The ability to mark the data and transmit it in any work situation is important. We offer different models of data collectors from Topcon, Sokkia, and MORE to suit our client’s needs. If you need a rugged piece of data collection equipment in the field, AGS has exactly the product for you.


Hiper Hr Gnss Receiver

GPS Surveying Equipment Systems

AGS offers our customers the latest in GNSS Systems from Topcon, Sokkia, and MORE. Get unparalleled accuracy for your next job with the world’s most advanced GPS surveying systems. Call us now for a quote!


GPS Mapping Equipment

AGS offers the best available handheld mapping units. Try out the latest and most capable units from brands like Topcon, Sokkia, and MORE – all in the palm of your hand!


Topcon Srl-35 High-Power Uhf Radio

UHF Radios

UHF data radios provide reliability and worry-free performance you can trust in the most demanding conditions for precision RTK applications.
Designed to integrate seamlessly into GNSS surveying systems, UHF data radios make setup easy for reliable, secure RTK every time.


Faro Focus S70 3D Laser Scanner

3D Laser Scanners

If your job site is in need of the highest level of precision available, then you should invest in a 3D Laser Scanner. AGS carries different 3D Laser imaging units to help assist surveyors in getting a clear picture of the landscape with little effort. Having a 3D laser on your side means having a lightweight and long range measuring device that is functional when you need it to be. It is true surveying power in the palms of your hands.


Mclaughlin Pipe Locator Product Image

Pipe Locators

We take pride in providing our customers quality and dependable technologies for locating pipes and other utility lines. Whether you are a contractor, facility owner, or professional locating contractor, our selection of Pipe Locators will help you to quickly identify pipes, cables, and other utility lines through a variety of methods, at a broad range of frequencies and depths.



Underground Utility

Working for a city surveying team has its challenges when searching for water mains and underground cables. AGS has the tools you need to help locate the utilities.


Topcon Magnet Field Software

Field Software Solutions

Find the latest versions of field software for land surveying and mapping from Topcon, Sokkia, and OTHERS. AGS offers all of the essential applications and modules you need to find everything here to get the job done. Make sure you’re keeping up with the latest features in the best software available.


Sherp Atv

Shop the SHERP Ultimate ATV

The SHERP ATV is the ultimate off-road vehicle designed to take you where no other ATV can! Find out where SHERP can take you TODAY! Contact us now for a DEMO!


Spectra Precision Survey Office Software

Office Software Solutions

Find the latest versions of all the office software from Topcon, Sokkia, and OTHERS. We offer licenses for individual users as well as network options for the whole crew. Shop necessary surveying and mapping office applications.


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