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The job site is relying more and more on faster and smaller technology than ever before. Even if the jobs are remaining difficult – or becoming tougher – the equipment being used is adapting and becoming more resilient while shrinking in size. The Geo7X GPS mapping unit from Trimble™ is one such example of how the tools you need to do your job are becoming smaller while retaining a rugged exterior and improving functionality.


Features of the Geo7X GPS Mapping System

  • Improved Surveying Technology Integration with Trimble™ VISION
    The Geo7X GPS mapping unit from Trimble™ includes integrated surveying technology which combines optical, scanning, and GNSS data along with images in the same job. With Trimble™ VISION on board, the Geo7X is able to take your surveying to the next level right from your fingertips.


  • Jobsite Photo Capabilities with Trimble™ Access
    With the Geo7X from Trimble™, you no longer have to worry about missing any details again. The Geo7X GPS mapping system includes a 5MP camera that allows the user to take up to the minute shots of the field and what’s going on. The camera is controlled by Trimble™ Access, which gives it the ability to seamlessly tie the photos into the survey data and simplifies its integration into existing workflows.


Simple to Use

  • Easy Coding
    The features within the Geo7X GPS mapping system are easy to code for any level of user. The unit also includes COGO routines for calculating points and features. This includes a graphical staking of points and lines, arcs, and alignments from existing and active maps. This will help give any worker an instant look at what’s already been done, so they won’t accidentally retrace footsteps.


  • Handles Any Environment
    No matter your work environment – bad weather, long, little service area, or all of the above – the Geo7X GPS mapping system is able to keep up. It’s highly rated for water and dust resistance and has a great rating for altitude, humidity, shocks, and drops.


  • Get the Job Done from Wherever with Trimble™ Business
    Trimble™ Business center gives you the ability to use the Geo7X from any worksite imaginable while delivering high-quality work to the office.
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