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For surveyors, there is no such thing as an “off day”. The job is demanding, and the terrain can often times be unforgiving. For that reason, you need equipment that is not only portable but rugged as well. If you need a new total station that’s ready for any situation, the Trimble™ M3 is the perfect solution. Small yet tough, the M3 total stations are built to handle whatever job they’re intended for. You’ll quickly realize that the M3 may be the most reliable crew member you have.


Trimble™ M3 Total Station Features

  • Onboard Trimble™ Access
    The best feature of the M3 is the onboard Trimble™ Access. With Trimble™ Access in the field, you are able to accomplish much more than ever before. Trimble™ Access’ familiar and easy to use interface makes for a simpler readout while the data collection and calculation tools contained in the M3 total stations ensures you get fast results in the field.


  • Perfect for Road Surveyors
    If you are a road surveyor, the optional roads package for M3 total stations is incredibly handy. With the roads module, you’re able to import road definitions and even key in complete road definitions with appropriate alignments and guides.


  • Easy-to-Read Touchscreen
    The touchscreen for the M3 total station gives users a bright and colorful display and runs on Windows. An intuitive user interface in the field is key, and with an ergonomic design and simple navigation screen, any user will be able to easily manipulate data as they need to.


Trimble™ DR Technology

  • Simplify Tasks with DR Technology
    Having Direct Reflex (DR) technology on board the M3 total stations make even the most challenging surveying tasks much simpler. If you are in a time crunch, the DR technology allows for faster instrument setup without compromising the accuracy of the measurements. With the new M3 total station in your arsenal, you will finish jobs more efficiently and accurately than ever.
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