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If you have been surveying for a while, you understand why packing light is sometimes the best option. If you have a formal base of operations, then a full rig can be brought out. However, if you have a job that takes you out into the field for a long time and requires you to put in some hard miles, then a smaller kit is more than welcome. The Trimble R1 GNSS GPS mapping system is a piece of equipment that you should strongly consider if you have been in need of a smaller pack load in the field.


Specifications of the Trimble R1 GNSS GPS Mapping Unit

  • Mobility and Durability
    Just because it is smaller doesn’t mean that the Trimble R1 GNSS isn’t built to withstand the workload you’re put under. It’s rugged for its size, which allows for better mobility in the field.


  • Android and iOS Capabilities
    With the new Trimble R1 GNSS GPS mapping system, you have the flexibility to choose what kind of data collection device you use. It has Android and iOS compatibility, putting its power at the touch of your smart device.


  • Various Satellites and Correction Networks Available
    The new R1 GNSS GPS mapping system from Trimble™ is able to track various satellites constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. The R1 is able to deliver GNSS positioning from anywhere without requiring the data to go through post-processing. It also has access to various correction networks – SBAS, VRS, and RTX – which only improve the GNSS positioning further.


Support GIS Workflow

  • Improved Field to Office Communications
    If you’re in a difficult work environment, getting your work into the office can be difficult. With the new R1 GNSS GPS mapping system, you’re able to turn in your work from anywhere with a cellular or satellite connection using the optional Trimble™ ViewPoint RTX service.
  • Trimble™ Mapping and GIS
    You’re also able to use Trimble™ Mapping and GIS software – like TerraFlex, TerraSync, and Trimble™ Positions – in order to keep up with the GIS demands of your job.
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