Trimble™ R8 GNSS

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The Trimble R8 system is ideal if you need a high channel availability in the field as well as connectivity from anywhere. The R8 has superb satellite tracking technology, which enables it to track GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS systems. Its 440 GNSS channels allow for intensely accurate data collection from any job site.


New R8 GPS System Features

  • Pinpoint Accuracy
    The Trimble™ R8 GPS systems are chalked full with features that will make even the most seasoned surveyors envious. The R8 has a powerful 440 channel solution, resulting in pinpoint accuracy from nearly anywhere. The accuracy is improved further by Trimble™ 360 advanced satellite tracking technology. R-track by Trimble™ is able to aide with any difficult surveying job as it allows you to track over 40 satellites. With improved accuracy, your surveying gets better and is finished in a shorter amount of time.


  • Connect from Anywhere
    In terms of connectivity, the R8 GPS systems from Trimble™ features flexible wireless communication options for connecting to the controller, receiving RTK corrections and connecting to the internet. Surveyors know the importance of a fast connection.


  • Scalable with Support
    The Trimble™ R8 is a scalable GPS system. This means that when you need to add to your surveying rig, the R8 can be configured to fit your needs. Trimble™ also offers comprehensive support for all of their GNSS constellations and augmentations systems along with web user interface and remote configuration.


Get What You Need with the Trimble™ R8

When you choose Trimble™ as your new GPS system, you are choosing a quality product that is sure to get you through any surveying job, no matter how difficult. The Trimble™ R8’s powerful satellite channel selection means more pertinent work while the scalability of the R8 gives you control over how your surveying rig looks and functions. The power is all yours with the new Trimble™ R8 GNSS GPS system.

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