Trimble™ S8 Total Station

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For surveyors, fewer trips into the field are better. AGS offers the S8 as an opportunity to view the job site without returning to the total station. Using Trimble VISION technology, the unit is able to be remotely controlled, allowing you to view the scene from wherever you may be. All measurements are drawn to the screen, so you won’t ever miss a measurement.


Trimble™ S8 Total Station Specifications

  • Trimble™ VISION
    The main feature of the new Trimble™ S8 total station is its Trimble™ VISION video-assisted control. This technological marvel from Trimble™ allows surveyors to do more work with less effort. VISION video-assisted control gives you the ability to see what everything the instrument sees without actually visiting the instrument. This saves you time in the field that could be better spent. With a simple tap of the controller screen, you’re able to select whatever target you need. Measurements are drawn to the screen, meaning you’ll never mess up a reading.


  • Video Assisted Documentation
    The new Trimble™ S8 total station puts the power of video into the hands of the surveyor. With video capabilities, you’re able to leave the site with much more than the coordinates. Point and click efficiency allows you to take measurements and document important details about the topography and work site conditions.


  • Save Time with Trimble™ VISION
    Surveyors have so much to do during a job that they are often overrun, so details can be missed from time to time. With the new Trimble™ S8 total station video capability, you’ll be able to pull up any detail you need whenever you need it.


Invest in a Trimble™ S8

Taking the new Trimble™ S8 total station into the field means never missing important surveying details again. With full video, the S8 gives you a full view of everything going on at your job site.


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