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At AGS, we know that surveyors want to be on the cutting edge of technology. In order to acquire and store accurate data, you need to have a data collection device that is high tech as much as it is field ready. With the Tablet Rugged PC from Trimble, you are getting the best of both worlds. The Tablet Rugged PC is designed to withstand any and all elements. It’s thick glass and frame are able to protect it at all times. Meanwhile, the display itself is very bright and colorful so that no matter the conditions you will be able to work.


Trimble Access allows the Tablet Rugged PC to connect, collect, and transmit data from any circumstance imaginable. The camera also allows the surveyor to take detailed photographs of the area itself in order to give the office a good idea of what’s happening in the field.


Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC Specifications

With the Tablet Rugged PC, surveyors don’t have to choose between the toughness of a field controller and the operating power of a laptop. The Tablet Rugged PC data collectors provide exactly what surveyors need in the field: connectivity, data delivery, and accuracy.


  • Rugged but Functional
    The Tablet Rugged PC features a large, bright screen covered by Gorilla glass. It features Windows 7 Professional, has Bluetooth connected wifi and a GSM or CDMA internal modem.


  • Photo Capability and Lithium Battery
    The 5MP camera is able to take digital photos of the job site, and the integrated GPS is able to instantly geotag any photos that are taken. Its lithium-ion batteries are able to last as long as the job takes.


Access from Anywhere

  • Connectivity in Any Circumstance
    Surveyors require access from wherever they are working. The Tablet Rugged PC data collector from Trimble™ is able to provide them with ample access from wherever the job site may be. The Tablet Rugged PC data collector is able to use Trimble™ Access for assistance with integrated surveying, spatial imaging, and even survey management.


The Tablet Rugged PC data collector from Trimble™ is perfect for those that are looking for a data collector that has the functionality of a tablet while being able to withstand extreme elements. With a Tablet Rugged PC, you are able to work as long as you need without worrying about the technology failing to keep up.

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