Trimble™ TDL 450H

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Surveying jobs can get tough, and you need equipment that can withstand the elements. The Trimble TDL 450H is the perfect unit if you need a rugged yet powerful GPS system. Its full metal casing makes it impervious to weather or the rigors of the task at hand, and its streamlined communication system gives you unmatched connectivity to the office no matter the conditions you’re facing. If you are looking for portable yet strong, the TDL 450H is ideal.


New Trimble™ TDL 450H Features

  • Designed to Last
    First and foremost, the TDL 450H features full metal construction, which suits it perfectly for hard conditions – hail, sleet, sand, high winds, and any other inclement weather that may come up. It’s built to last.


  • Improved Communication
    The TDL 450H GPS radio system is able to keep up with your data demands with the help of its streamlined field communication technology. You’re able to troubleshoot issues right in the field and carry on. Every TDL 450H is also wireless, giving you, even more, freedom while surveying.


Adaptability of the Trimble™ TDL 450H

  • Ready for Any Field Scenario
    Another feature of the new TDL 450H GPS system is its ability to adapt to the situation. If you require a longer baseline the power can be dialed up. If the work environment is smaller you can pull back into low-power mode. The 450H comes in any wattage from 4W to 35W, which means battery life will never be an issue on the job.


  • Stronger Signal
    Signal strength is no longer an issue in the field if you choose the Trimble™ TDL 450H. If you are having signal problems, the TDL 450H is able to help you sort them out, make adjustments, and remain productive.


The TDL 450H GPS radio system is perfect for surveyors who work in difficult conditions. With the proper tools, the environment being surveyed doesn’t affect the work being done in the slightest. The TDL 450H GPS radio system will help you get the job done.

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