Trimble™ TSC3 Controller

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AGS also carries a model of the TSC3 data collector that features a 2.4Ghz radio. In addition to all of the features of a standard TSC3, you now have the ability to communicate with little to no interference from other controllers that may be in use in the area.


You are also able to take photos with the Trimble TSC3 data collector. Having the ability to photograph and geotag the job site with the built-in 5MP camera makes it easier to complete a surveying job than ever before. The high-resolution screen makes it easier to work with as well.


Trimble TSC3 Data Collector Features

  • Data Sharing Made Easier
    The Trimble TSC3 data collector is able to help you collect, share, and review survey information faster than ever thanks to its universal interface and intuitive design. The survey information is provided in a higher professional standard and much faster than average data collectors.


  • Connectivity When You Need It Through Trimble™ Access
    Real-time connections are possible with the new TSC3 data collectors from Trimble™. The controller itself has wireless internet connectivity as well as an integrated GSM/GPRS modem which can connect with VRS. Trimble™ AccessSync gives operators the ability to sync between the field and the office, in addition to being able to download and upload files from anywhere at any time.


Designed for Functionality

  • Photo and Geo Tagging Capabilities
    Today’s worksite is becoming more and more digital. If you need to send a picture to your office, the new TSC3 data collectors are equipped with a 5mp Autofocus camera and LED flash. These photos can be geotagged instantly and automatically. The camera is able to save digital photos as well as any site conditions, work progress updates, and other qualitative information on the control.


  • Other Features
    The screen is large and has a bright resolution, and you have a choice of keyboards when it comes to the new TSC3 data collector. Built into the system is a compass and GPS, which are able to navigate you towards control points and receive direction cues. The new TSC3 data collector from Trimble™ also features wireless Bluetooth. With a larger screen, photo capabilities, and real-time connectivity, the TSC3 from Trimble™ is a tool you can’t afford to leave at the office.
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