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Are you looking to Rent Trimble™ R10 GNSS today? The first of its kind, the revolutionary system is designed to help you work more effectively, no matter how extreme the environment. The new, lighter design is more balanced, allowing you to travel farther, faster, and gather data more easily.


Going beyond  comprehensive GNSS support with new technologies like the Trimble™ HD-GNSS processing engine, Trimble™ SurePoint electronic bubble and  traceable tilt values, Trimble™ 360 satellite tracking, and Trimble™ xFill which keeps you working in radio and cellular black spots, this  powerful system ensures you can collect better, more accurate data faster and easier no matter how challenging the job. Backed by Trimble’s™ legacy of surveying expertise, the new system enables surveyors to go places and do things they’ve never done before.


Rent Trimble™ R10 GNSS

Are you looking to Rent Trimble™ R10 GNSS today? Please see the key benefits that you can get.

  • Reach formerly inaccessible points: get the tip of the survey pole into tight corners and other points that are inaccessible with a vertical survey pole.
  • Faster workflow: Less time per point is required to collect data because the pole doesn’t have to be exactly plumb and level.
  • Safer for the surveyor: pay attention to nearby traffic or heavy machinery rather than having to concentrate on holding the pole plumb.
  • 100% traceable data: readings from both the tilt and compass sensors are stored with every point and flow through to the office for complete visibility and confidence in the measurement results.


New firmware gives automatic compensation for up to 15 degrees of pole tilt and RTK level precision anywhere.



If you rent Trimble™ R10 GNSS from AGS, you will also get support for the Trimble™ CenterPoint  RTX  service, for RTK level precision anywhere without the need for the base-station-VRS network. Trimble™ R10 GNSS system includes::

  • Trimble™ HD-GNSS,
  • Trimble™360
  • Trimble™ xFil
  • Trimble™ SurePoint,
  • Trimble™ Access field software.
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