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Does your work require equipment that’s the best in the industry? Whether you’re working to solve problems with a detailed project or improving daily productivity, you need the best tool for the job—a used Trimble™ S8 Total Station. You can do everything with this top-of-the-line total station—from the simplest tasks to the most sophisticated jobs, a used Trimble™ S8 Total Station can help you do more and help you do it better.


Trimble™ S8 Total Station Features

Trimble™ VISION Shows What’s Happening

Trimble™ VISION is a technology that allows you to see what the instrument sees without actually having to be in the field. The VISION video-assisted control saves you from visiting the site if you have other tasks that are more important. The user interface is extremely intuitive, and you can select your targets by just tapping the screen. Trimble™ VISION also saves time by using its video capabilities to retrieve any detail when you need it.


Documenting With Video

In the course of the day, it’s easy to forget certain facts or issues. To keep things cataloged and documented, important site particulars and conditions can be recorded to provide future attribution or details. Using the point-and-click efficiency records the details and measurements of the work site and the surrounding area.


Automatic Accuracy and Excellence

A used Trimble™ S8 Total Station has several onboard technologies that help you achieve a higher level of accuracy in your measurements, no matter what conditions you’re working in. Trimble DR (Digital Reflex) Plus™ allows you to measure farther distances with fewer setups of the instrument. This technology also provides accuracy when the terrain is uneven or if the setup of the instrument is hurried or rushed.


Trimble SurePoint™ technology automatically corrects instrument pointing, ensuring more accurate measurements. Trimble FineLock™ technology can detect targets without being affected by nearby prisms. And there are more features as well.

If you want a total station that can do everything and do everything well, get a used Trimble™ S8 Total Station.




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