AGS Certified Pre-Owned Survey Equipment from Trimble, Spectra Geospatial and More!

At AGS, we pride ourselves on having a great selection of AGS Certified Pre-Owned land survey equipment available. If you are in the market for mapping or land surveying equipment from brands like Trimble and Spectra, we have what you are looking for! 


AGS provides clients with fully inspected and certified pre-owned surveying and mapping equipment. All pre-owned equipment is backed by AGS with a warranty.

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Rent Total Station

Used Total Stations

Advanced Geodetic Surveys carries a wide variety of high-performance used total stations that will enable you to accomplish your tasks efficiently and with precision. Trimble and Spectra Geospatial total stations are matched with streamlined workflows, detailed training, and field support. Maximize your performance today with one of our Certified Pre-Owned total stations such as the Trimble M3 Total Station, Trimble S6 Total Station, Trimble S8 Total Station, and the Trimble S7 Total Station.

Special Offer Warrantied CPO Trimble TSC3 Controller

Used Data Collectors

AGS carries gently used data collectors like the Trimble TCS3 Controller and the Trimble Tablet Rugged PC. These controllers are designed ergonomically to withstand the taxing conditions surveyors are challenged with. Simply choose the form factor that best fits your preferences and requirements and pair with your Trimble GNSS receiver or total station.

Rent GPS Systems

Used GPS Survey Equipment

AGS offers our customers the latest in Trimble and Spectra Geospatial GNSS Systems. Get unparalleled accuracy for your next job with the world’s most advanced GPS surveying systems.

Rent GPS Mapping GeoExplorer

Used GPS Mapping

Trimble and Spectra Geospatial mapping units can not be beaten in terms of accuracy and mobility. AGS offers the best available handheld mapping units. Try out the latest and most capable units from Trimble and Spectra Geospatial – all in the palm of your hand!

Pre-owned Equipment TDL450H

Used UHF Radios

UHF data radios provide reliability and worry-free performance you can trust in the most demanding conditions for precision RTK applications.
Designed to integrate seamlessly into GNSS surveying systems, UHF data radios make setup easy for reliable, secure RTK every time.

Used 3D Laser Scanners

If your job site is in need of the highest level of precision available, then you should invest in a 3D Laser Scanner. AGS carries different 3D Laser imaging units to help assist surveyors in getting a clear picture of the landscape with little effort. Having a 3D laser on your side means having a lightweight and long range measuring device that is functional when you need it to be. It is true surveying power in the palms of your hands.

McLaughlin Pipe Locator Product Image

Used Pipe Locators

We pride in providing our customers with quality and dependable technologies for locating pipes and other utility lines. Whether you are a contractor, facility owner, or professional locating contractor, our selection of Pipe Locators will help you to quickly identify pipes, cables, and other utility lines through a variety of methods, at a broad range of frequencies and depths.

Used Underground Utility

Working for a city surveying team has its challenges when searching for water mains and underground cables. AGS has the tools you need to help locate the utilities.

used-Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS

Used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS

Another piece of equipment available at AGS are used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS System or B-PINS. This portable unit is encased in hard plastic and is able to go wherever you need it to. Only weighing 33 pounds, it’s the perfect weight for any longer surveying missions. Its laser range finder makes accuracy a non-issue, and its long-lasting batteries will keep it functioning for as long as you do. We carry units with only 6 months of field use to ensure the quality of our customers, so you can be certain that they will work like new.

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Used equipment will come with a 30 day AGS warranty included within the sale price (Some exclusions apply). Please note that if the unit is under warranty and you send it in to us for repair, we will offer you a “Free” loaner (Excluding shipping) while your unit is in repair (Provided we have one available). If your unit is not under warranty, we have rentals available at a discounted rate of 50% off our standard rental rates while your unit is in repair (Provided we have one available).