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New Spar Underground Utility

When working with utilities, paving, or underground work, plotting out the location of the lines is essential. The last thing you need it to dig test holes and hope to find something. Conventional mapping technology encounters too much interference to properly gauge how deep a utility may be. With the Spar 300 Underground Utility Locator, there’s no need to guess anymore.

  • Easy Geopositioning
    With the use of a magnetic field imaging, the Spar 300 Underground Utility Locator is able to geoposition the utility with ease. The Spar is mounted directly below the GNSS receiver as the markings are being made.
  • Easy to Read Display
    The display mounted on the pole is continuously monitored by the surveyor, so they remain directly overtop of the utility. With the Spar 300 Underground Utility Locator attached to the pole, the surveyor has vastly improved position accuracy in relation to the utility itself.
  • Mobile Utility Survey Options
    If the range needs to be extended deeper than 10ft, two Spar units will be required. The Spar 300 Underground Utility Locators can be mounted onto a vehicle or cart for improved mobility. By moving the Spar units further apart, the range of the Spar 300 Underground Utility Locators increase.

Increased Flexibility

  • Easy Scalability
    If you need a more flexible surveying setup, incorporate a Spar 300 RL1G1 into your dual Spar rig. The RL1G1 will be able to measure the 3D separation between your Spar 300 Underground Utility Locators. Simply configure one of the Spars as a GNSS base station and go to work.
  • Large Tasks Become Easy
    With this setup, the Spar 300 Underground Utility Locators can move continuously and to wherever the surveyor needs them to be. This makes larger surveying jobs that much simpler to accomplish since the Spars are no longer tethered by an incremental movement pattern.
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