3D Scanning & Surveying Equipment Rental


Renting scanning and surveying gear is a smart move when you need equipment on a short- or long-term basis, but don’t want to commit to purchasing outright. Renting allows you to preserve capital, test out equipment before committing to purchase and it gives you the flexibility to quickly upscale for larger or more complex survey projects.



With AGS Rentals clients have access to:

  • Free 24/7 expert technical support
  • The latest, cutting-edge GPS equipment to satisfy your engineering, construction, and surveying needs
  • Wide selection of rental inventory
  • Quick next-day delivery
  • Flexibility – Short and long term rentals are available
  • The most competitive pricing in the U.S.
  • Rentals are configured and tested by our certified technicians before shipment
  • Worldwide rental availability

Rent Total Station

Total Stations Rentals

If you are on particularly difficult surveying mission, you can not afford to have a large bulky system with you. Surveying is a tough job at times. You can rent Total Stations that can keep up can make a huge difference in workload. AGS is proud to carry Trimble™ and Spectra Geospatial total stations for rent and we are happy to set you up with the perfect total system that will get the job done right.

Special Offer Warrantied CPO Trimble TSC3 Controller

Data Collectors Rentals

Having a working field computer is necessary to produce useful work while at the job site. Not every day features a clear blue sky, so your computer needs to be tough and functional. AGS has you covered, with different models of Data Collectors from Trimble™ and Spectra Geospatial available for rent. Put your faith into a Trimble™ or Spectra Geospatial data collector and never worry about missing data again.

Rent GPS Systems

GPS Surveying Equipment System Rentals


Rent GPS Systems from us and get the best. We carry scalable equipment that offers precision that ensures quality data from wherever your job takes you. No matter the job, a working GPS system is essential. Having Trimble™ or Spectra Geospatial in the field makes the entire process that much easier and more productive, and AGS has the units that you need to perform.

Rent GPS Mapping GeoExplorer

GPS Mapping Equipment Rentals

Efficient mapping is always welcome when in the field, so why not invest in the top brand name to accompany you to work? With Trimble™ and Spectra Geospatial GPS Mapping software and technology by your side, any job becomes much smoother and streamlined. AGS has various mapping units ready for you to rent.

Seafloor HyDrone™


Shop our selection of marine surveying and mapping equipment.

Pre-owned Equipment TDL450H

UHF Radio Rentals

Designed to support all aspects of GNSS surveying,  the UHF Radios offer flexible configuration options and rugged reliability. This sophisticated radio modem places the newest low power data link technology in your hands. For surveyors that need to make the most of every day, modern UHF radios are a giant step forward in radio technology. Field configurable and built to last.


3D Laser Scanner Rentals

Whatever the job, having laser accuracy gives your data a distinct edge. For vastly improved accuracy in any conditions, put your trust in the latest 3D Laser Scanners. Our 3D Laser Scanner Rental section is varied and is sure to suit your 3D Laser Mapping needs. With a laser in the field, the quality of your work is instantly increased.

McLaughlin Pipe Locator Product Image

McLaughlin Pipe Locator Rentals

We pride in providing our customers quality and dependable technologies for locating pipes and other utility lines. Whether you’re a contractor, facility owner, or professional locating contractor, our McLaughlin Pipe Locators will help you to quickly identify pipes, cables, and other utility lines through a variety of methods, at a broad range of frequencies and depths.


Underground Utility Rentals

Trying to locate underground utilities can be difficult without the right tools. At AGS, we understand this dilemma and are offering surveyors an excellent Trimble™ made Underground Utility Rental. With Trimble™ products on the job, you can bet that you will be able to source the utility in no time.

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