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Pre-Owned Trimble SPS Series Robot KIT

Trimble SPS Series Robot

Kit Includes

  • 360 Prism
  • TSC3 Data Collector w/2.4 Radio
  • hand strap
  • stylus
  • AC wall adapter
  • batteries
  • tripod
  • bipod
  • prism pole

Features and Benefits

Patented Trimble technology guarantees superior performance for tasks requiring utmost precision and the fastest update rate available today.

SPS930-FB3: MultiTrack Technology

  • Tracks and locks onto passive prisms for control measurements and active prism targets for grade control and paving.
  • Prevents costly delays and rework, increasing productivity with faster results to grade.

SPS930-FB1: MagDrive

  • Utilizes Trimble MagDrive™ servo technology, an electromagnetic direct drive system for high-speed, accurate turning. The frictionless motion eliminates servo noise and reduces instrument wear.
  • Capable of turning the instrument up to 115° per second, allowing for faster grading near the total station.
  • Offers fast pointing, aiming, and tracking for measurement tasks, with slow motion controls for manual aiming and endless horizontal and vertical motion, including fine adjustments.

SPS930-FB4: SurePoint

  • Automatically corrects horizontal and vertical angles and instrument pointing for any mislevelment.
  • Ensures accurate measurements, even if the instrument is not set up perfectly level.

SPS930-FB2: 20Hz Update Rate

  • Features a fixed, low latency, synchronized data update rate of 20 Hz.
  • Reliably tracks machine targets, ensuring data is transmitted from the instrument to the machine quickly and accurately.
  • Enables motor grader or dozer operators to perform real-time fine grading operations with millimeter accuracy, reducing rework and increasing productivity.

SPS930-FB5: 3Hz DR Scanning

  • Provides scanning capability for vertical and sloping profile measurements and stockpile scans.
  • Decreases the time required to measure material stockpile volumes or profile rock faces safely.
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