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Trimble SPS986

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Trimble SPS986 Rover with IMU Tilt. Ruggedized Construction version. (instrument only)

Includes a one year hardware warranty through AGS!

  • Precise Rover
  • All Constellations
  • IMU Tilt
  • Data Logging

Included Accessories

  • Battery
  • Dual-Slot Charger
  • Lemo to USB-A Cable
  • Power Jack Block and Cable
  • Hard Case
  • Antenna

Key Features and Advantages

Rugged, All-in-One Design
Experience unparalleled durability with a compact and robust construction, providing a user-friendly and virtually indestructible solution.

Tilt Compensation for Enhanced Site Positioning
Achieve effortless site positioning with tilt compensation, catering to both new and experienced users. This feature not only streamlines the process but also contributes to substantial time and cost savings.

Unmatched Ruggedness
The Trimble SPS986 stands out as the sturdiest receiver ever crafted by Trimble, ensuring reliability in the face of challenging environmental conditions.

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Corrections
Benefit from RTK corrections, elevating the accuracy of on-site measurements for superior results.

Multi-Constellation GNSS Technology
Leverage a wider range of GNSS constellations, satellites, and signals for heightened productivity and uptime. Gain exceptional accuracy even in challenging conditions such as under tree canopies or in urban environments.

eBubble for Efficient Verticality Assessment
Utilize the eBubble feature to visualize the receiver’s verticality within the software, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness—especially in low-light scenarios.

Tilt Compensation in Action

Effortless Point Capture
With the Trimble SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna and Trimble Siteworks Positioning software, accurately capture points while standing, walking, or driving, even when the receiver is not level.

Enhanced Learning Curve and Time Savings
Full GNSS tilt compensation simplifies the Siteworks learning curve for beginners and optimizes time for experienced surveyors, particularly in vehicle mode. Capture precise measurements on steep slopes from a moving vehicle, improving efficiency in volume measurements for streamlined material planning.

Safe and Easy Surveying
Survey hard-to-reach areas, including corners, traffic lanes, and utility flowlines, safely and efficiently. Experience faster measurements, more efficient stake-outs, and immunity to magnetic interference.


Trimble R12i vs. Trimble SPS986

The Trimble SPS986 and Trimble R12i are premier, high precision GNSS receivers.

While the R12i finds common usage among surveyors, the SPS986 is the preferred choice in construction and marine applications. Despite their distinct focus areas, both devices deliver comparable levels of performance and accuracy.

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