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Used McLaughlin GX Underground Pipe Locators For Sale

The McLaughlin GX is a utility locator designed for the professional locator. Pick between three locating modes: Peak Mode with Manual Gain Adjustment – the industry standard; Peak Mode with Semi-Auto Gain Adjust – narrows the peak signal for easier identification of utilities in congested areas and deep utilities; and Combination Peak & Null mode for quick detection of signal distortion.

  • Built for the construction environment, antennas are mounted in rubber isolators for rugged jobsite conditions.
  • Smart technology simplifies the operation of the transmitter.
  • Dual mid-range and high frequency inductive locating for those utilities that limitation for direct connection or clamping.
  • The receiver weighs 4.7lbs with batteries and is ergonomically designed. 7 watt multiple frequency transmitter benefits operator for locating all types of utilities.
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