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Used Trimble™ Geo7X

If you need a mapping unit that can stand tough environments while providing top performance, a used Trimble™ GEO7X is a perfect choice. They’ve been used approximately six months, and we’ve checked them thoroughly for their quality. This used Trimble™ GEO7X is small in size but mighty in function. It can take care of all of the mapping on your project, guaranteed.

Great for High Efficiency

Surveyors deal with a lot of different work requirements. The used Trimble GEO7X provides a combo of software and services that fully supports your job needs. It comes with Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Handheld version 6.5 Professional operating system which allows for the use of office documents while you are on the job. Combined with the Trimble™ Business center, this small but sophisticated unit lets you send office quality work from the field.

Capture and Integrate All of Your Information

With its geotagging abilities, the 5-megapixel autofocus camera smoothly links photos to your survey data. This data is also amazingly easy to integrate with other workflows. Although it’s sometimes easy to miss recording information on the progress of a job a problem on a site, that type of information is easy to record with images from a used Trimble™ GEO7X.

In a Tough Spot?

If you find yourself in a position where it’s impossible or dangerous to occupy your position, using the GEO 7X rangefinder can save the day. This detachable rangefinder gets the position with a simple point and shoot. The data will instantly assimilate into the Trimble software.

Withstands Any Weather or Conditions

This hardy used unit functions like a champ in all weather conditions. It’s built to withstand extremes in altitude, humidity, and temperatures. It’s highly resistant to damage from shocks and vibration as well as being dropped. Rated highly to withstand water and dust, the used Trimble™ GEO7X is just as tough as its new counterpart.

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