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Used Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station For Sale


As a surveyor, when you’re on the job you’re performing and integrating a multitude of tasks. Surveying, imaging, and 3D scanning are all part of how you do your work. If you’d like to make your work proceed more quickly and with an increase in accuracy, take a look at a used Trimble™ S7 Total Station. A used Trimble™ S7 Total Station is a total solution for integrating all of your survey needs and integrating them cleanly and smoothly.

Staying Current in the Field

If you’re utilizing a used Trimble™ S7 Total Station, you’re as current in the field as if you were in the office. With the use of Trimble™ Business Center office software and Trimble Access™ field software, your documents, and data transfer quickly and smoothly between the field and the office. These two software programs work in tandem to ensure that your data collection process is faster and also easier to use.

Staying Accurate in the Field

Another onboard technology of a used Trimble™ S7 Total Station is Trimble DR Plus. A Direct Reflex (DR) technology, Trimble DR Plus actually increases the level of accuracy of data that’s collected in difficult conditions. Uneven ground, compressed time schedules, and bad weather are just a few situations that would benefit from using Trimble DR Plus. This handy technology comes with a used Trimble™ S7 Total Station, making it part of your all-in-one total surveying station.

Staying Safe in the Field

A used Trimble™ S7 Total Station also acts as its own best friend, keeping itself safe and connected. The Trimble Locate2Protect technology lets you know where your instruments are and their status. For instance, if someone drops your used Trimble™ S7 Total Station, you receive an alert about the accident as well as more information about it.

Although each of the used Trimble™ S7 Total Stations were used for approximately six months, they’ve been tested to confirm that they perform as well as a new instrument. Take a look at a used Trimble™ S7 Total Station—you’ll be glad you did!

Total Station Accuracy

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