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Used Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC

If you’ve been missing the performance of a laptop when you’re working with data in the field, a used Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC is the answer to your problem. This amazing data collector has the power of a laptop combined with the durability of a field instrument. It features the best of both worlds. A used Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC has already had six months of use, and we verify that each unit is working like new before we sell it as a used item. With a used Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC, you’ll not only stay connected, you’ll be able to easily integrate data and images.

Connectivity Wherever You Are

Staying connected is critical for productivity. It doesn’t matter where your work site is—without connectivity, productivity on the site is doomed. That’s why having a reliable data collector like a used Trimble Tablet Rugged PC. It’s not only durable enough to operate during several weather conditions, it operates at the same high level as a new unit.

Long-lasting lithium-ion batteries also enhance a used Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC’s performance in the field. They’re ability to maintain power guarantees that you won’t have to recharge them in the middle of your work day.

User-Friendly AND Effective

With its large screen, the used Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC is easy to use. It features familiar operating systems like Window 7 Professional and Wi-Fi that connects via Bluetooth. Along with a GSM or CDMA internal modem, it has the same internal aspects as a laptop or tablet.

Photos of job progress or conditions at the site can be taken by the 5MP camera. These same photos can also be geotagged and integrated with data.

A used Trimble™ Tablet Rugged PC offers the execution of a laptop with a high level of toughness, making it a truly valued work tool for the field.

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