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Used Trimble™ TDL 450H

A used Trimble™ TDL 450H offers the best options for the efficient use of GNSS. Engineered for efficiency, the used Trimble™ TDL 450H offers repeater, base and rover data for on-site GNSS and GPS positioning. Although these units have been used, we’ve verified that they are in top working order. These rugged but advanced UHF radios are designed to handle data at high speeds while handling the harshest job conditions at the same time.

On-the-Job Troubleshooting

If you need to maximize your productivity, the used Trimble TDL 450H can be modified to truly do that. If longer baselines are needed, the power can be turned up. If your area is smaller rather than larger, lowering the output saves the battery power. The user interface allows for smooth configuration in the field.

A used Trimble™ TDL 450H also solves the problems of signal strength. The device is able to help you diagnose the signal issues and keep right on working.

Built for the Worst Weather and Most Challenging Work Environments

This resilient instrument is built to last in all weather and environments. Its full metal composition makes it able to withstand almost every hazard including sand, dirt, sleet and snow. No matter where you take the used Trimble™ TDL 450H, it will work.

Reliability Helps Productivity

Because the used Trimble™ TDL 450H works so well under so many conditions, it definitely helps increase productivity. When the equipment always works, there is no slow down on the job. Also because the device can provide data for diagnosing problems in the field, adjustments can be made instantly and work can go on immediately following the changes.

For engineers, site surveyors and checkers of grade, this used Trimble™ TDL 450H is an amazing tool for job tasks involving GNSS technology. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Trimble™ TDL 450H, take a look at these used models as well.

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