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Used Trimble™ TSC3 Controller


A used Trimble™ TSC3 Controller is one of the best working partners you can have. In the field, you need to be able to rely on your tools and your data. A used Trimble™ TSC3 Controller provides fast data collection, sharing and reviewing whenever and wherever you need it.

Sync and Download Anywhere

If you need to coordinate frequently between the field and the office, a used Trimble™ TSC3 Controller makes it easy. Trimble™ AccessSync acts as the bridge, allowing you to sync instantly as well as download and upload files, even if you are in very remote locations.

Staying connected to the office means better communication in several ways. In addition to its integrated GSM/GPRS modem, the controller uses wireless internet connectivity.

A Great Working Relationship

You’ll be happy to have a used Trimble™ TSC3 Controller as your working partner. The photo and geo-tagging features make your work more useful and informative. The controller’s 5 MP auto-focus camera captures work progress and conditions that can be geo-tagged automatically. The ability to integrate the photos easily into reports or other data will soon make photos as essential part of your work.

Another handy working feature is the controller with its ability to navigate, find assets and other control points quickly with GPS. It’s also physically easy to use with its large and bright screen has high resolution. Add to this the directional cues from the internal compass and you’ll see why a Trimble™ TSC3 Controller is a favorite of surveyors everywhere.

Streamlined Handling

Because the Trimble™ TSC3 Controller has Bluetooth wireless technology, there’s no longer a need for cables, making it much more streamlined. Its easy-to-use interface offers a variety of configuration choices, including the ability to choose between a conventional alpha number keyboard or a QWERTY keyboard.

With its friendly user interface and ability to transfer data much faster than other devices, a used Trimble™ TSC3 Controller helps make work days go smoother.

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